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price 45€

Taxi Airport Bratislava – Airport Vienna-Schwechat. price 45 €

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Vienna-Schwechat Airport – Bratislava city centre, or Bratislava Airport 50 €

maximum 3 persons
It is not possible to pay by credit/debit card!
COVID-19 current measures: The vehicle is disinfected with UV-C radiation in combination with ozone after each ride. This method of disinfection destroys up to 99.999% of viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus. Passengers are separated from the driver by a polycarbonate partition.

Highway vignettes in Slovakia are at the expense of taxi service. Parking fees and other charges are at the customer’s expense and are not included in the price shown here. We do not provide our services to HU.

The order must be entered at least 36 hours in advance.

To deliver the vehicle outside of Bratislava city it is required:
1 – To pay fare for transport in advance.
2 – The vehicle will be delivered after the fare is credited to a taxi service account.

! Children with a body height less than 150cm are excluded from transport !